Writing Workshop of my Dreams!

I am a big fan of Writing Excuses.  I love the authors and I love their attitudes, sense of humor and helpfulness.  The podcast is short and sweet.  It always gives me something to think about and they offer writing prompts to help aspiring writers like me to try my hand at a specific topic/task.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I found out they were hosting a writing workshop next year.  There were no advertisements for the workshop.  None of the authors posted it on their Facebook pages or websites.  There was no mention of it on the podcast.  The dedicated listeners who both listen to the podcast AND visit their podcast website are the select few that became aware of this workshop.  I guess they decided that they wanted their inaugural year to be filled with their real and dedicated fans.  Lucky me, I am one of those people.

They only took 30 participants.  It’s being held in a gorgeous location in Chattanooga at Mary’s family-owned property.  There is room for a select few guests on-site and the rest will stay offsite.  Registration was set to open October 15 at 12:00pm and close when the workshop filled up.

Little did they expect the overwhelming response.  The workshop sold out in 9 minutes.

So, the highlight of 2013 is hopefully going to be this amazing workshop with the cast of Writing Excuses.