Setting an Intention: What you can expect from me

Setting your Intention is different than having intentions about something.  Setting an Intention is a mindful act of defining purpose and envisioning that which will lead towards achieving your purpose.

So, here’s my attempt to set an intention.  What can you expect to see here?

  • Humor/wit/sarcasm/irreverent point of view (because that’s my point of view, and this is MY blog)
  • Tips/pointers/advice for writers (probably from the mistakes I’ve already made myself)
  • Samples/Chapters/Poems (any kind of writing no matter how raw posted here for public consumption and critique)
  • Philosophical Ramblings (because I’m still proving that degree has a purpose and it really was money well spent)
  • Progress on Current Projects (anything I am reading or writing)
  • Book Reviews and Book of the Week (my coveted opinion and reliable recommendations)
  • Guilt Monkeys (you know, those monkeys that won’t stay off your back when you have an impending project?  I have some to loan you)
  • Writing Prompts (anything useful to get the creative juices flowing)

Whew! Intention Set.

As for what else you may see…well I believe wholeheartedly in the Flux and Fire Philosophy, so I am sure it will grow and change and ebb and flow, like everything else in life. 

I welcome you.