JordanCon 4

JordanCon….geekfest of the year!

This was our second time attending JordanCon.  In 2011 we discovered JordanCon when we were looking for a place that Brandon Sanderson would be doing book signings.  We were living in Atlanta in the time and stumbled upon “JordanCon” as one of the events listed on his website.  Upon further investigation, we realized that it was a whole convention dedicated to the Wheel of Time (WOT) series by Robert Jordan (which Sanderson is completing).  Our first year was our VirginCon and we are true geeks now.  Year 1 brought us into a special love for JordanCon and all things related to geeking out “WOT”-style.  Needless to say, we returned for more the next year.

JordanCon IV

The first year there was super-special because we got to meet Brandon Sanderson, see him speak and let him sign our books.  This year, Brandon was in Australia and unable to attend JordanCon.  However, I had been listening to Brandon on Writing Excuses and loving Mary Robinette Kowal and I was thrilled to hear she was the Guest of Honor!

Highlights of the weekend included:

  • Mary Robinette Kowal, who is completely delightful!  Fun, witty, super-intelligent, very engaging and interactive as a speaker, as well as very approachable.  I attended An Hour with the Guest of Honor as my first session of the Con and thereafter made it my business to sit in on any panels that included her.
  • Meeting other awesome Con-goers and making some new friends
  • A really fun costume contest, which for me meant dress-up and sewing an outfit, for my husband it meant getting a laugh (and a Judge’s Choice award)
  • Dancing all night Saturday night with fellow geek-friends
  • Michael Livingston, a professor at The Citadel who was super-cool and told me to stop sitting on my stories and sumbit them – even if it means rejection
  • Attending the Pitch Session and pitching my book in a room full of people

Yes, we are going back next year.  Also in the plans…attending LibertyCon in July so we can casually stalk Brandon Sanderson (who will be back from Australia).