LibertyCon 25

LibertyCon is held in Chattanooga, TN at the famous Chatanoonga Choo-Choo.  It’s a science fiction convention,


with the Literary Guest of Honor of Brandon Sanderson.   Did I mention my special fan-girl love for him?

It was my first time in attendance, and it was very different than the JodanCon experiences.  Chattanooga is beautiful and we had a wonderful time.


  • Attending every panel that included Brandon Sanderson and hearing his sessions on writing were a pretty big highlight.  You can hear his sage
    booksignedadvice here
  • Star Wars!  Meeting Timothy Zahn and having a book signed for my brother in law was wonderful
  • Playing Magic the Gathering with Brandon Sanderson and being the only girl in the room and the only person who beat him in a single hand.
  • Having my book signed and personalized (after my husband told on me that I haven’t written the ending yet)
  • Seeing JordanCon friends