Biography of Sorcha

My first attempt at a Bio for one of the main characters in my novel.whoamI


Name:          Sorcha  Torteval

Age:      22            Birthplace:  Thoradin

Height:      5’

Weight:        115lbs

Hair color:           black

Eye Color: green

Overall physical condition:  petite, short black hair

Sense of humor: quirky and dry, sarcastic/irreverent, cavalier, a bit crass

Likes: painting/the arts

Dislikes: misogyny

Education: schooled in a royal house with tutors

Work experience: none

Love interest: anyone that interests her at the moment/Arigold later in the story

Parents/family history: Royal house of Thoradin

Hobbies: painting

Description of home environment: palace

Seen by others as: cocky or arrogant, witty and semi-masculine

Ambitions/dreams: to leave Thoradin.  To connect with someone on a deeper level, to paint.  To get involved with some aspect of politics that allows for drama.

Philosophy of life: life is to be enjoyed – food, drink, and pleasure are high on her priority list

Temperament: a bit cavalier, and air of confidence, smart, crass, flippant described by her brother “like some of the men”

Fears: that she will let someone close enough to love her/hurt her

Social Skills:  She’s bold, open, and confident, a bit spoiled

What makes character happy? She likes “the chase” and likes to get her way

What makes character sad? Oppression

What makes character laugh?  Intelligent humor

What makes character cry? injustice

What makes character angry? Having to pretend submission in her patriarchal homeland

What secrets does the character have? A desire to be free of her brother’s shadow/wishes/familial obligations

Present problem: being torn between her lover and her brother

Type of clothing worn most often: breeches and blouses

Type of clothing most comfortable in: breeches and blouses

One line characterization: Witty, charming, intelligent

What do I like about the character & why: she isn’t afraid to say what she wants

What do I dislike about the character & why: she puts up a front too often

How does the character change during the story? She learns to love

What does the character want? Deep down: To learn more about herself