Creating 3D Characters: Week 2

Week 2: Make us Care

Well, how do we do that?  Make someone care.  What makes YOU care?  Why do you like certain people and dislike other people?  What is it that attracts you to someone?

We spent this week listing character traits and then categorizing them into positive/negative traits.  There’s good and bad in everyone.  We all have habits and character flaws that make us human.  Most of us also have admirable traits as well.  What makes your character human?  (I use the term “human” loosely…your character does not have to actually *be* human to have human traits.  I simply mean, what makes your character rounded – look both at the good and the bad.)


  • creative
  • genuine
  • loyal
  • sense of humor
  • talented
  • charming
  • flexible
  • considerate
  • determined
  • honest
  • helpful
  • neat
  • logical
  • friendly
  • wise
  • resourceful


  • mean spirited
  • selfish
  • bossy
  • critical
  • argumentative
  • arrogant
  • cruel
  • demanding
  • domineering
  • dishonest
  • impulsive
  • outspoken
  • helpless
  • violent

Not everything is black and white and sometimes character traits are more neutral.  Sometimes a positive character trait can be seen a a negative light.  For example, being determined can be a very positive trait – many determined people strive for their goals and get what they want out of life.  But what if someone was determined to get revenge?  What if someone was determined to reach the top no matter who it hurts?  Then being determined could be considered a negative trait.  These are just a few examples.  Think about what you like about your spouse or significant other.  Think about what you dislike about someone you really don’t get along with.  Make your own list.