First Scene: Introducing Characters

This is the result of my homework assignment in Creating 3D Characters.  The story has 4 main characters – 2 in Jarra and 2 in Thoradin.  This scene is a few chapters into the book when we get introduced to these characters I have been working – Sorcha and Gorlish.

Excerpt from Fragments of the Soul


The sun broke through the clouds over the mountainous terrain of Thoradin three days after the Queen’s death in Jarra.  King Gorlish was unaware of the events taking place in Jarra.  Gorlish sat at his writing desk, composing a letter.  He traced the rim of his oversized ear as he paused, staring vacantly while he thought.

His attention was drawn back to the room when his steward entered.  Hu approached the King with his usual temerity.  “My king, a letter has arrived from Jarra this afternoon,” he said, placing the sealed envelope in the Kings hands.

“Thank you, Hu.  Is that all?”

“It is,” was his only reply as he turned heel and left the study.  Hu often addressed the king as an equal, dismissing himself without the king’s word.  Gorlish never really minded in private.  Hu kept his estates functioning and Hu was one of the only people Gorlish felt he could truly trust.  If that puffed Hu’s chest, then so be it.

Gorlish immediately broke the wax seal with his stubby fingers and began to read.

King Gorlish Torteval,
I hope this letter finds you in good health and good spirits.  Today I offer you the worthy news that the Wedding Feastday has been arranged, and your bride will be waiting for you in Jarra on the Full Moon in a fortnight.

It is with great sadness that I also share the news that the MotherQueen Zordanya Lucine, Goddess Incarnate, protector of Jarra, has died, leading Jarra into the next cycle of the Goddess.

I will receive you in the palace 3 days before the wedding feast and have quarters ready for your embassy and retinue.

Be Well,

Queen Arigold Lucine

First Daughter of the Moon

Ruler of the Realm of Jarra


“So I am to marry the sister of the Queen now, instead of the daughter?” Gorlish mumbled.

“Talking to yourself again brother?” asked Sorcha as she sauntered into the room.

Gorlish looked up to see his petite sister standing in front of his desk.  Her short-cropped hair reminded him of a page, a style which he could never understand on a woman.  “Dear Sister, I did not hear your arrival, so wrapped in my letter.  Well, did you hear my words?  I marry my betrothed, Livi Lucine, in a fortnight.” He said, sharing the news of his letter.

“So glad to hear they set your date finally.  I know you have been anxious for your new bride,” she said with a wink.  “And I hear she is breathtaking.”  She sat on the edge of his desk, leaning in and staring at him with a mocking grin.

“Well sister, she’s mine, so do not get any ideas.  The other news here is that the Queen has died,” said Gorlish, delivering it all in a rush.

“That is most unexpected, indeed.  Wasn’t she very young?” asked Sorcha.

“We expected at least another 40 years from her.  The letter doesn’t say if she may have been overcome with sickness.  I cannot guess,” said Gorlish, pausing in thought for a moment.  “Well, no matter, the Wedding Feastday is set and I would like to ask you to come with me,” he finished.

“Of course I will attend your wedding Brother,” said Sorcha.

“No, Sorcha, not just the wedding.”  Gorlish leaned forward on his forearms, lowering his voice as he met his sister’s eyes.  “I’d like you to join the embassy that’s staying in Jarra after the feast.”  He did not ask it as a question, but stated it simply.

“I was only joking about your bride, my dear, I do not intend to turn her onto my charms,” she laughed with a wry smile.

Gorlish’s eyes narrowed.  “Speak serious for a moment, Sorcha.  I need someone I can trust in Jarra.  It works in our favor that Queen Zordanya is dead.  She may not have accepted a courtier so young.  The fledgling Queen will be much more likely to let you stay close.  Will you do that for me?” asked Gorlish.

“Yes Brother,” she said, in a dull tone.

“Thank you sister.  Now, can you ask for Hu please,” said Gorlish in an impassionate mumble. “I have an important task for him.”  His face already buried back in his letter, diverted to his duties.  He knew Sorcha would do as he commanded and he enjoyed dismissing her so blatantly.



Maybe it won’t be too bad after all, leaving Thoradin for Jara  thought Sorcha.  She poked her head out the door to find Hu, languorously resting slumped by the wall.  Lazy thought Sorcha immediately.  When she cleared her throat, Hu did not move.  She took one step toward him before she let out a shrieking cry.