The Value of a Writers Group

I’ve been thinking about joining a writers group.  I’ve heard they can be very helpful.

What’s the point:

  • Connect with a group of other writerswriters-group
  • Share work with each other
  • Find those select few to be your beta readers
  • Get constructive criticism about your writing

I looked into several local groups and didn’t seem to find what I wanted.  Then a new Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Group formed and a good friend of mine dragged me to the library for one of their meetings.

The first hour was a guest speaker, a team of self-publishing experts.  The second hour was for critiquing and I shared a short story that I have been working on.

Highlights of the meeting:

  • I was surrounded by other geeks/readers/writers
  • It wasn’t so bad and scary once I introduced myself
  • The Guest speaker was interesting (although I don’t see myself going with self-pub)
  • Someone was more nervous than I was about sharing their writing
  • My short story was well received and feedback included very helpful criticism
  • I left the meeting feeling excited about meeting up again soon

All in all, I think it was past time for me to find that group and I look forward to more.  My advice?  Find a local writers group!  What do you have to lose?